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Your time is my time

The Job Search process and the Talent Acquisition process can be overwhelming for both the Job Seeker and Employer alike. Whether you are unsure of the exact right steps to take or are simply strapped for time - your time is my time.


Job Seekers: Let me help you stand-out to employers as the best applicant they've seen. Grow Pro is your one-stop-shop for your job search that will help put you on a path of career growth and success.


Employers: Let me help you source, engage, and retain the top talent your business craves.

California based; serve Nationwide (U.S.) 

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How I Can
Help You

Jennifer Hubbs

Career Coach & Consultant

Hi, I'm Jennifer. 


Helping people is my path. I have always chosen people support jobs - from various roles in child care, to creating a meaningful career in Human Resources, holding multiple in-house HR & Recruiting roles for over 15 years in California. I use that work experience to now provide the tools and resources to help people grow into jobs and careers that are right for them.

I am a people partner who strongly believes in building successful career pathways and fulfilling partnerships for both individuals and organizations.

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Sara Y.

Jennifer had great insight into making my resume look professional, modern, and career appropriate. She is a good listener and makes sure you get the best product to advance your career. She is timely and considerate, following up with you to make sure you are happy with her service. Her talent and experience make her worth every penny and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a change, wants to advance their career, or just a new pair of eyes to help. Very small investment, considering the benefits of landing the perfect job. 

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